What is a waterless treatment?

We use disposable gloves and socks full of Keratine and collagen cream to provide clean and safe nails treatments.
The cream also contains healing and antibacterial factors that soft the cuticles and moisture the skin.
No water is used; this is probably the most efficient care to avoid bacteria and dry skin.

Can I move when I’m wearing gloves?

Yes you can use your smartphone as touchscreen stills work through these gloves.
You can also drink or enjoy our finger foods while we are doing your manicure.

Why do you use Zoya  and Kure Bazaar non-toxic varnishes?

Some nail polish brands as OPI have nearly 30 chemicals all combined.
These harsh chemicals can not only be bad for the environment, but also bad for you,
as they cause nails to become brittle and have harsh fumes.
Zoya and Kure Bazaar don’t contain camphor, formaldehyde resin and DBP, which are all known carcinogens.

How long last non-toxic varnishes?

Like most of good varnish brands Zoya varnish last 6 to 8 days on fingernails and at least 7 to 14 days on your toenails.

How long last gel varnishes?

Gel varnish last at least 2 weeks.
However we advise that you don’t keep Gel varnish more than 2 weeks to do not damage your nails.

Can I take off myself gel varnishes?

Please, NO! Gel varnish removal must be done with great care.
You will damage your nails if you try at home! It’s long when it’s well done, but safe.
We must remove slowly and carefully the gel without rubbing the nails.

Can I eat at the same time as I’m doing a nail treatment?

Our finger food and snacks menu is available at our nail spa located at the 2nd floor.
Our Bistro menu is available at ground floor only

Can I come with my friends if they don’t want a nail treatment?

Yes! All persons wishing to come along with you even without having a treatment are welcome.
Food and drinks will be available to spend a good moment all together.

How many persons can you welcome for parties?

We privatize 1 room from 8 pax only purchasing a party package.
We can welcome from 8 to 30pax for private parties.