Maybe you’re a creative person with a love for nails and you would like to turn your passion into a business. Maybe you’ve worked in the beauty industry and you think it is now time for you to become your own boss. Maybe you’ve gained management experience in the corporate world and you want the opportunity to harvest the fruits of your success.

To run your own nail salon means that you will become an entrepreneur(e). Many people dream of starting their own business, but not everyone is cut for this line of work. To run your salon successfully, you will need to have the disci- pline to set work hours, pursue new clients and avoid tempting distractions. You will also need to be your biggest fan. If you don’t believe yourself that you’re one of the best at what you do, no one else will either.


The Health & Beauty industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world, and nail care is among the most sough after services. In the USA alone, nail aficionadas spend over eight billion dollars on nail salon services in a year, a number that has increased by 25% in the past ten years. But it’s not just about the United States. The biggest market for nail services is actually in Russia, where almost fifteen billion dollars is spent every year. Canada comes in third, with a reported market size of five billion dollars.

A whopping 85% of these amounts is generated by pure player salons (salons specialized in nail services rather than beauty salons also offering massages, haircuts, etc). A small operation is the norm for nail salons: over 80% of salons operate with just two to five manicurists.

Running your own salon is a dream that is both exciting and reachable. The industry is growing, the required capital is limited. As a new salon owner, the most important key to your success is you.


Startup plan

We will hand you the tools, structure and systems you need to start your business saving you time, money and avoiding traps. This includes: local marketing activities, a build out plan for your location, supplies and suppliers list, inventory management, menu of ser- vices and marketing materials, customer acquisition, hiring and training staff.

Business Administration: We will provide you with a list of what you need to do to get your business entity set up with rates to facilitate your budget estimation, Accounting and Inventory method.

The Salon premises: We will guide you through the site selection, teaching you what factors you will need to consider helped by our existing salons experience. We will also approve your location before you are able to sign a lease contract.

Interior design, furniture and equipment: We will provide you with a list of everything you need and why you need it and guide you to obtain the optimal layout! Different op- tions of architect floor plan with 3D, decoration and even the industrial furniture design that is MERCI signature. All your location’s interior design will need approval before going ahead.

POS and technology systems: We will provide you with a list of systems and set up the system for your location with your location’s data and information.

Interviewing, hiring and training: We will provide you with all the information, techniques and best practices in the interview process, the recruitment process, training, retention and management.

We will outline best practices, marketing action to increase fast and efficiently your salon awareness and revenue. We will give you a variety of operation and ways to gain new customers on an ongoing basis.

Design & Templates: We will provide you with templates according to your goal and target. We will teach you how introduce MERCI philosophy and unique style, and how to convince your customers of the benefits a waterless nail salon with non-toxic polishes has. The MERCI brand has a look, design and all the marketing materials already established so you it will be easy for your team to adapt and use. All your location’s advertising and marketing materials will need approval before they go to print.

Customer service: We will give you a guide on best practices in customer service and how each scenario should be handled.

Day to day operational systems: We will provide you with checklists for every part of your day, week, month and quarterly responsibilities. We will teach you how to be a salon operator.